Our mission is to provide the residents of Southern West Virginia with COMPREHENSIVE and HIGH QUALITY HEALTHCARE!


Med Surg Group, Inc. was founded in 1989. Operations began in January of the same year with two physicians providing health care to two-thousand plus patients in two clinics located in two cities .

With the association of an Internist in the second half of 1989, a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of the physicians, Med-Surg Group, Inc. began its endeavor to expand both geographically and in different areas of specialty.

Med-Surg Group, Inc. was founded on the principle that residents of Southern West Virginia deserved the same access to comprehensive and high quality healthcare as residents receive in the metropolitan areas. To achieve this goal Med-Surg began recruiting highly qualified and mostly board certified physicians in different disciplines of medicine. Med-Surg expanded its services with top of the line equipment and staffed with highly experienced personnel to include a moderate complexity laboratory testing facility. Services such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, ECHO Cardiography, Pulmonary Funtion Test, and Labs are conducted at our office.

At the present time, Med-Surg Group, Inc. operates through four offices in three cities and is affiliated with two hospitals.


Med-Surg Group, Inc. employs 20+ people and the patient population that it serves is now over 124,000.

The services that Med-Surg Group, Inc. provides include: Family Practice, Pain Management, General Surgery, and Gastroenterology, to name a few.

To better serve the patients, Med-Surg Group, Inc. constantly strives to expand geographically and to add other specialties to the group.